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Social Media Integrations

Integrating social media feeds into your website is a great way to keep your customers in the loop with your latest news.

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Social media is a powerful tool with access to millions of users each and every day. My experience has taught me how to harness the use of social media to help promote your business and reach new customers each and every day. 

Types of Integrations

When it comes to social media integrations there are about 5 standout examples that you should be utilizing on your own personal website. Below I will explain a bit about what each type of integration is and how it is used.

  1. Social icon buttons

    Social icons are the small logos for each social media company that your business has a business page for, icons should be put somewhere discrete as to not drive people away from your website but still visible enough for people to find you on any platform.

  2. Social share / follow buttons

    Social share and follow buttons are a great asset to use in blogs, recipes, videos, or tutorials to encourage users to engage and share your content with their friends and family or follow future updates to your posts. Having share buttons often help increase website traffic.

  3. Social widgets (ie. Facebook page plugin)

    Often shows your social media page with share & follow buttons as well as part of your posts and updates. There will be a variety of different widgets that perform different tasks depending on the social stream.

  4. Single sign-on (lets visitors create a new account or log in using social credentials)

    This is an amazingly easy way to capture more user data and make it extremely easy for users to register for your services.

  5. Embedded social feed

    These plugins can be uses to display feeds from different social media sites, often in the forms of a post, RSS, or gallery feed. These are useful for keeping regular visitors up to date with your business.

Common Social Media Mistakes

Social media can be a great asset for any website, however, there are times where it can negatively affect your user experience and possibly lose your customers. See below for the top things NOT TO DO when integrating social media into your website.

  1. Social Media icons in your header

    Website visitors are not the easiest to get, so why would you want to encourage them with a gateway to leave your website? Try putting your social media icons at the bottom of your website.

  2. Don't link 404 or dead social media links

    having a website with 404 links can negatively impact your SEO results, as well as making it hard for your users to find your social pages, which may make you lose customers.

  3. Share links on services pages

    I don't think I have ever seen a share of a service page, when choosing locations to add share buttons, enable them where you have good content. If you want to share services, make the choice of share icons useful, for example, LinkedIn, or Email.

  4. Don't show sharing numbers

    Nothing looks worse than having an unpopular piece of content, ideally if you must show numbers do so when there is a good number of shares, or else fake the results.

  5. Too many widgets mean a lot of Javascript

    The number one issue we have when optimizing page speeds is limiting resources, when your website pulls the majority of resources from social media, it will cause speed issues which will impact your user experience and google ranking.

Level up your website with social media?

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