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Organic SEO Marketing

There is so much more to Organic SEO than simply meta data and keywords.

Web Developer Servie | Organic SEO Marketing | Brett Ransley

My abilities extend into many areas of organic SEO including structured data, page speed enhancements, mobile responsive upgrades & AMP (accelerated mobile pages), and implementing best practices for website performance and usability. 

What is the difference between Paid and Organic SEO?

This should be pretty obvious but the main difference between paid and organic SEO marketing is the cost, obviously paid marketing is one of the easiest ways to get users to your website and whatever your cost per click may be in your industry.

Organic SEO Marketing

Organic Search engine marketing is the act of marketing your website and making it more visible to search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, this is usually done by enhancing your user experience and creating useful rich content which is beneficial to your users is done through a number of factors including:

  • Page Speeds
  • Content
  • Meta Keywords and Descriptions
  • Relevant Page Title
  • Website Performance
  • AMP & Mobile indexing
  • Structured Data
  • Security
  • Architecture
  • Website Authority
  • Backlinks 

and many many more, in fact, Google has criteria in which there are at least 200 known factors that affect how your website ranks in its search engine, with many others which may not be known to the public. The algorithm is constantly changing week by week, so to keep up with it, maybe an impossible task unless you have someone constantly working to keep your website relevant.

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