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Mobile Responsive & AMP Development

Build better, faster, more responsive websites which create a better user experience for this mobile digital age

Web Developer Servie | Mobile Responsive Design & Google AMP Development | Brett Ransley

Did you know that the majority of internet users are now accessing your website through their mobile or tablet? With the systemic shift in how people are searching these days, one of the most important things for any online business is the ability to have a fast & responsive website which has a great user experience.

When we talk about mobile-first and responsive websites they are not the same thing, let me explain.

Difference Between Mobile-first & Responsive Website Design & Development

The main difference between a responsive website and a mobile-first website is how you approach the design and UX. A responsive website is reactive, almost any website on the internet can be turned into a mobile responsive website with a few minor adjustments to the style sheets and document types of the HTML.

What do I mean when I say a mobile website is "reactive"? Basically, as the screen alters the size and the dimensions of your browsers or mobile device change, the website reacts with a new style to adjust the layout of a website to fit the new device, often this is noticeable when you can see changes in rows and columns stacking on top of each other.

A mobile-first website is a hard concept to differentiate from mobile responsive, but basically, it starts in the design stage and is often known as being proactive. The website should be designed in tandem with the desktop version of the website, where you have very little to change between different device size, this also comes down to how elements of your branding display on mobile devices, for example, a small logo with small text may make it harder for users to see your brand, Typeface and how content is positioned on the website is also an important thing to think about. Mobile-first websites should create a great user experience on desktop as well as mobile.

What Is AMP

In short, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP is basically an HTML framework which was designed by google to originally being a competitor to Facebooks instant articles, but has since become a new standard for mobile indexing on google, the idea behind AMP is to display content to your users at lightning-fast speeds.

The payload of AMP should be extremely small, as you can't pile AMP pages up with multiple javascript frameworks or other external libraries which may slow down your webpage loading. 

AMP is one of the most important factors in Google Mobile indexing right now. 

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