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Website Servicing & Maintenance

Unfortunately one of the most important things you can do with your website, to keep it up to date, malware-free, and performing at its best.

Web Developer Servie | Website Servicing & Maintenance | Brett Ransley

Having a website is like having an old Toyota, if it is well looked after it can run forever. I can not stress the importance enough of having a good Support and Maintenance plan for your website. Technology over time evolves, it is constantly updated and secured with the latest technology to ensure you and your customers are able to use your website safely. There are large portions of developers who overlook important updates, potentially putting you and your customers at risk.

The importance of maintenance

As I have mentioned just above, this is one of the most important things to do when you have a website, often week by week new vulnerabilities are often discovered and fixed which means that if your website is not constantly maintained you may end up getting stuck in a position where you may not be able to recover your website.

having a good maintenance and service policy is the same as having insurance that your website will be looked after and if any attacks happen on your website, you and your customer's information will be protected.

Updates and backups

Website plugins are often built by a number of different developers and are often updated at different intervals, being on top of updates helps you secure any potential malware attacks which could affect your website.

Often when you buy a hosting plan, you believe that your website will be protected in case of an unfortunate attack or malfunction in your software, although unlikely it is not impossible for technology to fail. Keeping on and offsite backups are of essential importance to ensuring your website will remain salvageable if the worst happens.

Uptime Monitoring

having a monitoring software that constantly watching the uptime status of your website is essential to make sure your developers can get on top of potential issues as fast as possible, and create as little downtime as possible for your customers.

Interested in a Maintenance Package for your Business?

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