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Email Marketing & Newsletter Development

I have created and deployed 100s if not 1000s of email marketing campaigns over my career.

Web Developer Servie | Email Marketing & Newsletter Development | Brett Ransley

I have spent many hours developing mobile-first email newsletters for Real estate, Tourism, eCommerce, and other industries. It is an important way to directly advertise to your customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is when you send out newsletters to a customer base to help promote future sales, brand recognition, or news updates for your business, there are many ways to send an email marketing newsletter, the majority of CRMS across the net often have their own marketing platforms where you can send and develop email newsletters, a few of the more popular include Mailchimp, Hubspot, or Acymailing with Joomla.

Mailing Servers

When sending emails it is important to choose a method that will give you the highest amount of deliverable emails as possible, often sending mail directly from a shared server such as PHP mailer can lead to blacklisting depending on the amount and frequency you send mail. I recommend when sending out emails that you use SMTP or Elastic mailing servers.

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An email sender reputation is a score that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns to an organization that processes emails. It’s a crucial part of your email marketing which determines your deliverability of emails. The higher the score, the more likely an ISP will deliver emails to the inboxes of your customers rather than sending it to the spam folders or even reject them outright.

There are several factors which can determine your reputation score, including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Mail servers blacklisting
  • Recipients marking your emails as Spam
  • Having high bounce rates on emails
  • Number of unsubscribes

GDPR what is it?

GDPR is a legal basis that can be a contractual obligation, legitimate interest for storing and using data or that explicit consent has been given. Anytime that consent is used as the legal basis for collecting and storing personal dataGDPR requires that a company prove that consent has been granted by a person.

As a business owner, you need to understand your legal rights to hold users' personal information, including email, name, phone numbers, and address.

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