Domain Names & Business Emails

Find out the what a domain name is, and how to choose the perfect domain name for your business.

Domain Names Explained!

The easiest way to understand what a domain name is would be to think about it as a house. If we pretend your website is a house and you would like to make your home open to the public, you would need a site or land to park your home, the same goes for a website, you need a domain to park it. A domain name is used to advertise your business to the public, it is the address where people can go to find you online. Domain names are unique; once you have registered yours, nobody else can use it.

Domain names can be broken into several areas which are usually a "www" or "subdomain" address followed by your main address "my company" and an extension of usually ".com", ".org" or "" each standing for different things, such as organization or community, country and so forth. When you register a domain it often pays to purchase 1 or 2 separate domains so similar businesses can't use the same name or a similar extension. e.g. and There are over 200 different domain extensions but you shouldn't need to purchase them all. I would recommend choosing a .com and or similar extensions.

Domain Names are responsible for many aspects of your business including business email accounts and website parking and hosting.

Choosing a domain name

When choosing a domain name the best things to consider are keywords, length, how easy to remember it is and what domains are available, it would pay to not use similar names to competitors or speculators. and consider registering more than one if you are looking to promote your business in different locations or countries, eg. "", ".com", "". Using your business or brand name makes perfect sense, but if it isn't available, consider choosing keywords that represent your business or product. or an acronym of your name

Key Points to keep in mind:

  • Website domain names should be easy to spell and not overly long.
  • Abbreviations and acronyms often are great choices to make it easier for repeat visitors.
  • Keywords will help you attract users searching for specific phrases.
  • Differentiate from the competition and don't make it similar to competitors.
  • If you have different markets in different countries consider registering multiple extensions, eg. New Zealand uses "", Australia "", and if you're marketing to china, consider ".cn".

Alternatively, if you're marketing an eCommerce store, and you intend to market to different countries, instead of registering domain extensions you can also go down several other alternatives such as:

  • Sub directory ( )
  • Sub domain ( )
  • Or domain extensions (, )

The choice is yours.

Get In touch if you have any questions about Business Domain Names in New Zealand. if you would like to know more about Website Hosting, check that out here.

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