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The Reason my website is constantly changing.

Welcoming version 3 of my website should be something worth celebrating, however, It seems that I can't decide on what my website should look like, and for that reason, I am calling this blog "The impossible concept".

As a developer I get to express my skills in design in so many different ways, some that work seamlessly and some not so much there are endless concepts and new ideas being released every day.

So why do I keep changing my website's designs including my main website Travel Park NZ? There is never one good answer for this, and the best way I can justify my changes is by saying that there is a good chance to try something new and learn some new ideas, the only problem with this is every time I have updated a website to a decent standard which I like I find that over time I lose interest in the concept and need something new to be excited about.

With web technology constantly changing there will always be new ways to express myself online, which means that version 3 is only the beginning for my website, so look forward to the future and seeing a lot more posts about upgrades.

peace out

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