Just a Friendly Guy

Hey there friend, welcome aboard. check out below to find out a little about me

For you who don't know much about me, let me explain. My name is Brett Ransley, I am a Website and Web applications developer, who works in Taupo New Zealand, I originally resided in Hamilton New Zealand where I grew up and studied. My job entitles me to take on some fun exciting development projects and create some outstanding websites for businesses, people and community projects. Please check out my Development Portfolio if you have an interest in my work.

In my free time I like to take photos and make videos as well as write blogs or work on my own projects, including Travel Park NZ.

I am an adventure junkie and I love to travel around our amazing country finding walks and hiking tracks,  I am always looking for friends who share the same interests as me and would love to join some adventures.


One of my biggest passions is photography, I am a complete amateur but it wont stop me from trying my best to capture some of life's crazy moments, I would love to share my work and get recognised for some of the shots I've taken.

Check out my Instagram to find a range of different photos and techniques I use to bring my Imagery to life!


To see some of my short videos or some raw footage from my GoPro, check out these

Photography & Videography


I have been developing websites professionally for roughly 5 years working for a Digital Marketing company based in Taupo New Zealand, I have a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology and a Computer Science diploma from Waikato Institute of technology in Hamilton where I studied for 3 and a half years.

I am profoundly confident with Joomla, Wordpress and Magento Content management system website, app and component development, I have an extensive portfolio of some of my work. If you're interested in taking a look check out the link below: 

Development Portfolio


As a Web Developer I often get the chance to work on a variety of exciting projects from a bunch of amazing companies and community projects, but in my free time, I also enjoy working on projects of my own as a way of enhancing my skills and testing the limits of my abilities.

So far I have worked on 2 projects which I am particularly proud of. The first being Travel Park, which is a Travel and Tourism website which focuses on food, accommodation, and activities around the Waikato and national park regions.

The 2nd is my own e-commerce website built from Magento 2, The Coffee Shop NZ. This website focuses on the inner hipster in all of us, selling items such as coffee beans, grinders, strainers and more. Check both of them out Below:

The Coffee Shop 

Travel Park