Brett Ransley | Web Developer | Taupo NZ

I am a Website and Web applications developer, who works in Taupo New Zealand, my job entitles me to take on some fun exciting development projects and create some outstanding websites for businesses, people and community projects.

Development Portfolio

I am profoundly confident with Joomla, Wordpress and Magento Content management system website, app and component development, I have an extensive portfolio of some of my work.


One of my biggest passions is photography, I am a complete amateur but it wont stop me from trying my best to capture some of life's crazy moments, I would love to share my work and get recognised for some of the shots I've taken.


When I feel like expressing my self, this is where you will find stories, journeys and hardships.


Check out my Instagram gallery, this is where the majority of my photography work would end up.